Really excited!  We just got the word this week that our invitation to be on a panel at Comic Con has been confirmed!  Thank you FIRST SECOND BOOKS!!  Not only do they publish one of my favorite graphic novels (American Born Chinese, by Gene Yang), they are a dream to work with.  I am so happy to be back on a panel sponsored by this awesome publisher! :)

So, as this blog post state, the title of the panel is "Comics in the Classroom" with a focus on comics in the k-12 classroom.  I need to think about what my focus will be -- so many choices to pick from!!  Some of my favorite things to share ....

*Use of wordless GNs with pre-literate and literacy emergent students (K/1/2, etc.).  Owly is a GREAT book for this.  I even wrote a post about the importance of this on my FB page...  Though, in thinking about this, I wonder how many kinder or 1st grade teachers will be attending SDCC, probably not that many.  So maybe this is just something to mention but not to focus on.  If I focused on Wordless GNs, regardless of grade level, I could take the ELL approach --and the idea of vocabulary development.  Shaun Tan's Arrival is a great book to use with older students... something to ponder there.

*I also really like the idea of Identity for adolescents...  who am I?  what do I stand for?  how do I integrate the many parts of me... my many "selves"?  Good opportunity here to promote ABC (a First Second Publication...)  I am such a Gene Yang fan.  I admit it.  He is truly one of my favorites... I also LOVED Prime Baby by GY.  You can read that one online, even though it is also out in print now too.  I think the reason I like Gene Yang so much is just for the simple fact that his work is so relate-able for tweens and teens.  Who hasn't thought their younger sibling was secretly an alien?  I mean come on now!  ABC is just a master work...  on so many levels.

I'm sure there is so much more that I am not thinking about at the moment, but it is almost 11pm and my mind is fading fast :). 

More to come as I think about and develop my ideas for the panel...




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