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Here at GN101 we are keenly interested in the use of Graphic Novels in the classroom as a tool to both increase student motivation to read, and build overall literacy and critical reading skills. Over the past few years, we have researched this topic extensively, and have presented on GNs in a variety of contexts. If you have attended one or more of our presentations or workshops, or have attended our classes through UCLA Extension, we have included links to many of the handouts and informational articles here on this website.

It's our mission to spread the word to educators, administrators, and parents alike, that Graphic Novels and Comics are a powerful way to improve, enhance, and extend student literacy. 

So welcome to our site, settle in, and enjoy your introduction to "Graphic Novels 101" !!

 The GN 101 Team :)

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Anastasia Betts, M.Ed.


About our founder, Anastasia Betts, M.Ed.

Anastasia Betts, M.Ed., is an educator and parent (of 7!) with a passion for comics and graphic (visual) texts.  Anastasia first became interested in the power of graphic texts many years ago when her own children, and students in her classrooms who were reluctant readers, suddenly transformed through reading American comics, graphic novels, and Japanese Manga.  Intrigued by what she observed, she began to read them herself, and started a quest to promote the wider use of graphic (visual) literature in education.

Not only has Anastasia delivered a variety of professional development workshops for teachers, she also teaches a six week online class through UCLA Extension designed to help teachers develop resources and tools for working with graphic texts in the classroom.  A much sought after presenter, she has delivered presentations for UCLA, the National Writing Project, the California Reading Association, and Comic Con International, among others.

Anastasia has both a Bachelors of Interdisciplinary Studies and a Masters in Education and Crosscultural Teaching, with a depth in Children's Literature.  During her professional career, Anastasia has worked as a classroom teacher, literacy and leadership coach, director of instruction, administrator, curriculum director, and has worked in both the public and private school sectors.  In 2010 her passion for curriculum development led her to create the company Curriculum Essentials, Inc., where she currently serves as president and the creative force behind their educational products.  You can learn more about their mission and work at www.curriculumessentials.com .

In addition to her work with Graphic Novels 101, Anastasia, along with the Curriculum Essentials team, is working to develop a series of interactive visual texts for the iPad, and with a team of talented partners, working to craft a vision for 21st education.  Stay tuned for more on that topic!! :)

If you or someone you know would like to contact Anastasia regarding presentations on the topic of Graphic Novels in the classroom, please note the following:


email:   anastasia@graphicnovels101.com